The Solvency II reform is based on a new organizational and supervising approach, whose principles can be complex, of insurance undertakings. Moreover, the reform provides for a reinforcement of the prerogatives and the responsibilities of the Board. The implementation of this new approach requires assistance in this change. We propose to help you carry it out through an adapted training plan aimed at key functions, executives and Board members.

These training sessions/ are organized by our teams and deal with the following subjects :

Strategic asset assignment and risk management

In-depht knowledge of Pillar One of the Solvency 2 Directive

In-depht knowledge of Pillar Two and Three of the Solvency 2 Directive

Understanding the stakes of the ORSA implementation in a mutual insurance company

Training on Health Pricing and Portfolio monitoring

Initiation to financial analysis in insurance

Initiation to the new accounting standards for the IFRS4 Insurance Phase 2

Introduction to actuarial analysis in insurance

Risk management in Solvency 2

The basics of insurance

The different reports under Solvency 2

Organization and implementation of the actuarial function – The actuarial report

Overview of the Solvency 2 reform

Overview of insurance in France

Rerserving within the framework of the Solvency 2 reform

Princing and portfolio monitoring for non-life insurance

International accounting standards IAS19 for employee benefits


The training program will be subject to a contract between Actuelia and Atova Formation, a certified firm, and will therefore be chargeable on the training budget of the company and could be granted if necessary. Moreover, the follow-up of the training program by key functions, executives and Board members will allow to set up a file of competence certification – principle of “fit and proper”.

Organiser la Fonction Actuarielle mettre en place la fonction actuarielle et le rapport actuariel


Therefore, Actuelia is an actuarial consulting firm   providing training sessions on insurance issues. Our training sessions are  intended for actuaries, CFOs, Accounting Directors, Boards and all the people involved in insurance matters, especially Solvency 2. Our consulting actuaries have all the required skills to carry out these sessions.

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